December 3, 2023

2 Jesuit Vice Presidents Suddenly Quit Gonzaga

Author: Scott Jaschik
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Thayne M. McCulloh, president of Gonzaga University, in December informed the campus of the resignations of two vice presidents: the Reverend Frank Case, vice president of the university and men’s basketball chaplain, and the Reverend Pat Lee, vice president for mission and ministry. McCulloh gave no reason for the sudden departures of two Jesuits serving as vice presidents. The former vice presidents aren’t talking, either.

But the announcement came amid concern on the campus over a recent news report that, for years, Jesuit priests found to have committed sexual abuse were sent by their order to a retirement facility at Gonzaga. Part of the news reports, The Spokesman-Review said, was that Father Case, while head of the Jesuits’ Oregon Province, endorsed a job application by a priest who had been accused of sexually abusing Native Alaskan women and girls. Father Case said he was unaware of the allegations.

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