April 13, 2024

2019 North American OCR Championships Results

Author: Bonnie Wilson
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The North American Obstacle Course Racing Championships took place over the weekend at Stratton Mountain, Vermont. Athletes from all over North America converged on the Green Mountains for three days of racing action

Friday 3K Results

Men’s Results

  1. VeeJay Jones 18:14
  2. Ryan Atkins 18:37
  3. Aaron Newell 19:08

Women’s Results

  1. Lindsay Webster 22:13
  2. Nicole Mericle 22:54
  3. Michelle Warnky 24:59

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Saturday 15K Results

Men’s Results

  1. Ryan Atkins 1:26:58
  2. Aaron Newell 1:27:35
  3. Ryan Woods 1:27:45

Women’s Results

  1. Nicole Mericle 1:39:46
  2. Lindsay Webster 1:42:03
  3. Rose Wetzel 1:54:13

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Sunday Team Results

Men’s Results

  1. SPARTAN LIONS- 0:52:34

    Ken Corigliano

    Aaron Newell

    Veejay Jones
  2. CObRA OCR- 0:57:46

    Jeff Shady

    Logan Broadbent

    Korey Smerk
  3. Team Valhalla OCR- 1:02:53

    Derik Farlow

    Joe Garcia

    Kendall Ortez

Women’s Results

  1. Optimism. Courage. Resilience.- 1:05:31

    Rachel Corigliano

    Kris Rugloski

    Tiffany Palmer
  2. iCore ft. The Crew OCR- 1:19:26

    Shayne MacLean

    Melia Ochsner

    Krista Caldwell
  3. Team Shogun Sports- 1:32:26

    Chrisa Dustman

    Suzanne Himka

    Heather Gollnick

CoEd Results

  1. Fun Size- 0:52:16

    Samuel Hebert

    Lindsay Webster

    Jesse Bruse
  2. Quads of Fury- 0:53:07

    Newell Aaron

    Nicole Mericle

    Ryan Woods
  3. Oscar Mike- 0:58:20

    Jason West

    Victor Quezada

    Rose Wetzel

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