May 18, 2024

3 Awesome Minutes: Question Formulation Techniques (QFT)’s

Author: (Victoria A Davis, Cool Cat Teacher)
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From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis

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Chris Fancher talks about how to use question formulation techniques (QFT)’s in your classroom by sharing what he does in his. This simple 3 minute technique can change your classroom.

QFT Chris Fancher

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If you want to learn more about Question Formulation Techniques (QFT) these resources can help

Chris Fancher – Bio as Submitted


Chris Fancher

Middle School Design Teacher

Chris Fancher is a Middle Years Program (MYP) design teacher at a public International Baccalaureate (IB) charter school in Round Rock, TX. He has taught every course, from pre-algebra to calculus, in more than 20 years of public education.

As a military spouse, he found himself teaching mathematics in four states and two countries, as well as teaching college algebra and college statistics for the University of Maryland University College. Chris honed his project-based learning (PBL) skills at the nationally recognized Manor New Technology High School in Manor, TX. From that experience, he was selected to be on the Buck Institute for Education’s National Faculty (

Prior to his current teaching position Chris was an instructional coach for a middle school, where his focus was on helping teachers understand the PBL process and bring their project ideas to life. He has been with BIE for 6 years and has facilitated PBL trainings in 15 states, as well as in China and Australia.

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