September 26, 2023

3 Reasons Why I Loved Going to School With My Sister

Author: BloggED Staff
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Ever wondered what school would be
like if your only classmate was your sister?

Well for Caitlyn and Camryn McCullers,
these Arizona Virtual Academy alumni spent their entire K-12 years going to
school together.

“I think as twins in an environment
where we are constantly together, we just have this natural bond,” Camryn
states. These sisters admit they loved going to school together.

They have a unique story, as their
parents are both teachers at a brick-and-mortar school. “Our parents wanted my
sister and I to be able to learn at our own pace and in a peaceful environment,”
Caitlyn shares. “So our grandma was our Learning Coach through elementary and
part of middle school. By the time we got to high school we were able to work
more independently.”

Millions of students were forced to try online school this past school year due to COVID-19, and many spent much of their school time in close quarters with their family. But these twins share three reasons why they loved going to school with each other.

1) Automatic Study Buddy

As annoyed as we can get with our siblings, sometimes they come in handy. For these sisters, fellow classmates weren’t an option when it came to after-hours study sessions, so they relied on each other. “We were students together, so it was like we had built in accountability,” Caitlyn recalls. “We always had someone to study with and to work together on assignments. We got to try different classes so we could each dip into our own interests and then we could share with our twin if it was a class we enjoyed.” This ended up being of benefit to both sisters. By the time they reached high school, they were both two years ahead in math!

2) I Found My Passion Because of My Sister

“Even though I am older,” Camryn
shares. “I let Caitlyn take the lead in our relationship. She got involved in
theater first, and once I saw her loving it, I decided to follow suit.” Turns
out, Camryn loved theater so much, she will be graduating with a Theater Arts
degree at Grand Canyon University in the spring of 2021.

“I was a little more outgoing where
Camryn was introverted and quiet,” tells Caitlyn when explaining their
relationship. “But Camryn is very passionate and she puts her whole heart into
everything she does.” 

But the story doesn’t end there. In high school, Camryn tried taking psychology as an elective. The next year when Caitlyn was trying to find an extra class for her schedule, Camryn recommended the course. “And guess who graduated with her Sociology degree Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State University in May?” Camryn proudly states. “It’s cool to see how we each found our passion and future career in high school, and with the help of our twin.”

3) A Bond that Will Never be Broken

The bond these sisters share will
not easily be broken. “I’m not sure if school affected our relationship, or if
our relationship affected school.” Caitlyn reflected. The twins leveraged their
relationship as sisters to make the most of their high school years, and they
have no regrets.

Now that they are in different
stages of life and no longer at home together, they still believe their
relationship has grown stronger. “I think we still rely on each other for
emotional and spiritual support,” Camryn admits. “We have completely different
majors, different friends, habits, and schedules,” states Caitlyn. “But we are
still super close as sisters. Now that we have different experiences, we still
share those with each other, and we are just as close.”

For the McCullers twins, going to online school together was a great option that strengthened their bond. Maybe by the end of your quarantine, you and your siblings just might have an unbreakable bond too!

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