30 K–12 IT Influencers Worth a Follow in 2020

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EdTech Café

EdTech Cafe
 Standford EdTech (Author)
EdTech Café is a podcast series produced by the educational technology team at Stanford Medicine.

There’s no denying that 2020 has been a challenging year for teachers, administrators, students and their families. The coronavirus pandemic threw several curveballs at our nation’s schools and education systems, pushing many educators to teach and work together remotely for the first time.

Despite the hardships this year has brought on, educators were quick to adapt. They worked tirelessly to continue learning for millions of children online without forgoing authentic relationships and community. They embraced the power of technology and learned to use digital tools — from collaboration platforms to the cloud — in ways that support inclusive, innovative and secure learning experiences for their students.

But it’s clear that there’s still a lot for educators to learn, especially as they likely will rely heavily on technology beyond this school year. To stay agile in a rapidly evolving world, schools and districts will need to be on top of the latest ed tech trends and offerings, even more than they were before the pandemic.

To help, EdTech has compiled a list of influencers who are using social and digital media to inform, engage and even entertain those in the education space. Here are 30 of the savviest K–12 IT leaders, bloggers, podcasters and social media personalities you should be following right now:

30 K–12 IT Influencers Worth a Follow in 2020
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