September 30, 2023

4 Learning and Development Trends That Will Shape Your 2019

Author: Ashley St. John
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World map connected, social network, globalization business, social media, networking concept.The pace of technological change is accelerating every year. How can you empower your teams to perform in such a fast-paced environment?

To help you prepare for the changes to come in 2019, we’ve put together a list of the top learning and development trends you need to know about.

1. Mobile Learning

You may find yourself using multiple devices on any given day. Training must be accessible and responsive across multiple devices; learners should be provided with a seamless, flexible learning experience on any device and at any time.

Video provides the perfect combination of entertainment, information and simplicity to enrich other modes of content consumption on mobile devices. According to GMSA Intelligence, almost 75 percent of smartphone users globally watch online videos.

Mobile phones and tablets are the devices of choice when it comes to performance support tools, with their capacity for always on, portable and just-in-time delivery.

Learners are also increasingly downloading their courses to consume offline on their mobile devices. For example, learners may want to continue their training while they are on-the-go in locations with unreliable internet access.

2. Learning Ecosystem

According to LinkedIn Learning’s “2018 Workplace Learning Report,” 68 percent of employees prefer to learn at work, 58 percent prefer to learn at their own pace and 49 percent prefer to learn at the point of need.

The onus is on the L&D department to provide options that satisfy employees’ preferences. Relying on a single platform or solution may not be enough.

Technological solutions enable easy integration with third-party systems, apps and tools. Platforms with the ability to integrate with multiple systems are also important because they support a complete learning ecosystem instead of multiple disparate entities.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Adaptive learning, which uses artificial intelligence, customises the design and delivery of learning based on each learner’s individual needs and performance in real time. Introducing adaptive learning into a training strategy is a great way to enhance learner engagement.

Chatbots, which are fuelled by AI, will be one of the biggest trends in learning in 2019. These are programs that integrate into the training process to simulate 1-2-1 text and visual conversation between learner and computer. They can go a very long way toward stimulating learning engagement and boosting employee productivity.

4. Learner Engagement

Gamification can help to make learning engaging while helping employees retain and apply new knowledge. In 2019, gamification, either in the form of learning content (such as game-based learning) or a learning platform with game mechanics, will have a significant impact on training.

L&D can also benefit from platforms that enable social learning and knowledge collaboration. Social learning creates the much-needed informal learning setting where learners can network, collaborate and exchange ideas and knowledge.

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