December 10, 2023

42 Distance Learning and Inspiring Resources for Educators

Author: (Victoria A Davis, Cool Cat Teacher)
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From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis

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Over the past months, many educators have been sharing resources, best practices, and more about distance learning. I’ve compiled many of the items from this blog, the podcast, and other places to share the hottest items in case you missed them.

Summer Learning

  1. – a blog post I wrote on twenty concepts to help you this summer along with links to some suggested courses from Advancement Courses. (Remember to use COOL20 to save 20%)
  2. with Class Tech Tips Monica Burns
  3. with Danielle Strohmeyer.

Distance Learning Excellence

  1. – an infographic and information about excellence in online learning
  2. Be – 3 minute video with some principles to help you.
  3. with teacher Rae Hughart
  4. with Assessment Expert Dr. Thomas Guskey
  5. – the story from my school
  6. with teacher Mary Howard
  7. – some ideas from me on courses to improve how you teach in a distance learning environment
  8. – where to connect and build your PLN for learning

Leadership in Distance Learning and for the Fall

  1. with Policy Leader and teacher Joseph Fatheree
  2. some of my thoughts on learning in Covid-19

Edtech Tools for Distance Learning

  1. with Kasey Bell from Shake Up Learning
  2. – Some of my personal faves
  3. with teacher Bruce Reicher
  4. with teacher Mary Howard
  5. – my toolkit from distance learning
  6. – some thoughts from me on security concerns with tools and apps.
  7. a video tutorial with Wizer CEO Nira Sheleg
  8. with Noelle Pickering
  9. video series

Pandemic Education and Social Emotional Learning Needs

  1. – some important principles to understand for now and the fall
  2. Some awesome SEL resources are at for free resources
  3. Dr. Kim Schonert-Reichl
  4. with Dr. Amy Cranston
  5. with Dr. Amy Cranston
  6. – a blog post with some resources
  7. – teenager Jameson Cohen shares how he volunteers from home
  8. – how to volunteer from home with Dr. Kim Schonert-Reichl
  9. with Rupa Mehta

Other Education Topics

  1. with Dr. Michael Walker
  2. Kim Piper, New Hampshire Teacher of the Year 2020 who works with the prison population in New Hampshire and talks about how teachers can help kids not end up there.
  3. with Tim Needles
  4. with neuroscientist Susan Cresswell
  5. with Lauren Harris
  6. I celebrated my birthday in quarantine and shared — How I celebrated my quarantine birthday with joy.

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