5 Ways to Help Teachers Progress in Their Use of Technology [Free Webinar]

Author: coolcatteacher@gmail.com (Victoria A Davis, Cool Cat Teacher)
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Teachers can progress in their use of technology. Even though we’re busy. Even though we’ve got so much to do. We can do it. In this webinar, I’ll be sharing how to help teachers “innovate like a turtle.” This practical, simple way to improve is my personal secret to success. Teachers, administrators, and IT Directors will all find this a useful model that can transform a school and a classroom, one turtle step at a time.

This webinar is sponsored by Netref, an amazing solution for monitoring and managing student access at the teacher level.

Topic: 5 Ways to Help Teachers Progress In Their Use of Technology

Date: March 26, 2019

Time: 4 pm ET

Location: Register here to join the online webinar

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Teacher Innovation Webinar Overview

This is the first time I’ve shared this model of transformational change. I’m excited to share five things:

  1. Simple strategies that work to help teachers of all levels improve
  2. The words to use that help teachers (and don’t stress them out)
  3. What IT Directors and Leaders can do each week to help their school progress in meaningful ways
  4. How to celebrate progress in ways that teachers love (and enjoy)
  5. Encouraging improvement while respecting the teacher’s current life situation

Why Have a Webinar On Helping Teachers Innovate?

I have found that teachers are stressed. I’m a teacher and I am too. However, if you don’t have forward progress, you go backwards. Holding the status quo just doesn’t happen! But when we’re so busy, how do we help teachers improve.

So, we’re having this webinar because I want to share what is working for me. Several weeks ago, I sat down with my boss and we discussed this year’s progress at our school and marveled at how far our teachers have come in their technology use!

We’ve implemented two simple strategies of innovation. The words we use are encouraging and don’t cause stress or extra pressure. Also, there are some things I do as IT Director that help me help teachers more. We’ve also had an awesome “PD event” and are planning another one.

However, in all of this, there is a time we have to respect and encourage teachers depending upon their life situation. Often innovation is forward and steady, but sometimes things change and we have to handle innovation differently.

When I sat down to talk to NetRef about a helpful webinar that I’d not been able to share before, this was it! I’m so excited to share this!

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5 Ways to Help Teachers Progress in Their Use of Technology [Free Webinar]
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