7 Plug-and-Play Google Data Studio Templates

Author: Jeff Sauer
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Do you know what I love most about using Data Studio for reporting? Once you have Google Data Studio template in place, 98% of your work is done!

You simply connect your Data Studio Template to your marketing platforms… and bam! Report Finito! Now more messy data exports, fiddling with charts or building fancy spreadsheet queries. Tens of hours of data gathering, calculations, and filter configuration done in minutes.

Year-in-Review Data Studio Template

Over the past several months, my team and I have compiled a library of Google Data Studio report templates. These templates are not only saving us hours tracking down data points we used to have to dig out of multiple marketing platforms… but they are also helping clearly see our progress and stay focused on our goals.

Now, we are sharing these templates with the marketing world inside my Done-For-You (DFY) Data Studio Report Template Library.

7 Google Data Studio Templates that will save you 100s of hours and make you look like a hero in front of your clients and stakeholders

From our consolidated, 3-in-1 (Facebook & Google Ads & Bing Ads) PPC report to our Complete SEO Dashboard… these templates are designed to save you 100s of hours while making you look like a marketing mastermind in front of your clients and stakeholders.

Follow along to see exactly what’s in these report templates. And, I will also share how you can join our GDS DFY Template Library.

The ACES All Marketing KPIs Template

ACES is a concept I came up with while teaching a Data Driven Marketing course last summer. The ACES strategy helped my students identify goals as well as measurement plan for every stage of their organization’s marketing funnel.

(You can read all about how you can use ACES to measure and fix your marketing funnel here –How To Define, Track, And Achieve Your Marketing Goals)

The ACES concept worked so well, I started using it with my own team. And I built a Data Studio dashboard to help us implement ACES.

The ACES dashboard takes a little more planning and strategic thinking to setup than or other templates. But the end result is worth the effort.

How To Define, Track, And Achieve Your Marketing Goals

This report is a representation of the kind of strategic marketing analysis that consultants get paid tens of thousands of dollars to deliver. But those consultants usually invest months of work and use a team of MBA’s to produce their analysis.

You can build a complete (top-to-bottom) insight packed funnel report in a day using the ACES Data Studio Template and the worksheets that come with this report.

When you join our DFY Template Library, you can download the ACES template, put your branding on it, and pass it off as your own creation. Then you can use this template to show your clients where their marketing funnel is broken… and why they should hire YOU to fix it!

The Complete SEO Dashboard Template

The complete SEO GDS Dashboard (version 1.0) was born out of frustration with Google Analytics (GA). Specifically, this report is meant to solve GA’s infuriating organic keywords “not provided” issue.

This dashboard uses both Google Search Console and Keyword Hero to give you back your organic keyword info… because as any digital marketer worth their chops will tell you when it comes to accurate keyword data more is… MORE (not less).

The complete SEO Data Studio Template

You can use this report template to pinpoint the search terms customers are using to find your website. Knowing the lingo people are using to find your services or products is invaluable.

Once you know your top keywords, you can double down on them. You can use your best keywords in your paid ads as well as on your landing pages to increase your traffic and your conversions.

Consolidated (Google & Facebook & Bing) PPC report Template

The Consolidated, Automated PPC Report may just be the crown jewel of the DFY library. I don’t want to stray into another soliloquy about how this dashboard is the answer to my many years of PPC reporting agony. So Instead, let’s talk about why this template is so valuable.

Consolidated PPC Report Data Studio Template

The Consolidated PPC report automates your data gathering and calculations from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Bing Ads. The first page of this report combines your results from these platforms in one dashboard. And the following three pages break out your results by advertising platform.

GDS PPC Report Template - Google Ads Page

If you’re looking for a way to automate your PPC reporting while delivering a clear, professional designed report… this template can provide that solution.

Product launch/Campaign Report Template

Want to see how your latest product launch performed… or show off the success of a recent email campaign? This simple dashboard will do just that.

Product Launch/Campaign Data Studio Template

You can automate this report template using the Google Analytics Data Studio connector. Or you can use the pre-formatted Google Sheet that comes with this template to feed your report and highlight your sales results.

Email Campaign GDS Dashboard Template

Black Friday/Holiday Promo Report Template

Holiday promos are always crazy. They are fun for customers and great for producing a sales spike. But the second your proms are done, you’re team’s out the door for some well earned time off. That leaves someone behind (probably you) to tally up the results.

Instead of spending your holiday vacation sorting out exactly how things went down during your sale, use the Black Friday GDS report template.

Black Friday Sales Data Studio Template

This template will show you day-by-day sales broken down by product and discount coupon. And inside my Data Studio Mastery Course, I’ll show you how to use one of my favorite tools, Zapier, to automate this report.

Seeing real-time results of your promotions in a clear report will save you from spending unnecessary time compiling your sales data after your promo is over. You can use a copy of this template to help you keep track of every promo you run so you can produce better results with each sale.

Black Friday Sales GDS Dashboard Template

Youtube Growth Dashboard

Who doesn’t want to be YouTube star? I know I do. Here’s an unreleased pic from my latest YouTube photoshoot.

Jeff wearing bling

All kidding aside, if you run a YouTube channel, there are some simple growth metrics that are important to keep an eye on. And if you’ve spent any time inside the latest version of the YouTube Analytics interface, then you know it’s a little cumbersome… meaning it sucks!

The YouTube Data Studio Template will help keep on eye on your channel growth without having to log into the clunky analytics interface. This automated report will keep you up to date on which of your videos are driving views and shares.

YouTube Growth Google Data Studio Template

Year-in-Review complete website marketing report

The Year-in-Review Template captures just about every meaningful, high-level website KPI you need to track. This four-page report allows you to see how your website content is impacting your traffic, conversions, and SEO performance.

Website Marketing Data Studio Template

If you’re a website developer or manager, or SEO, you can use this report to show your clients the results your work is generating. Or you can use this report to help your clients see where they can make improvements.

If you’re a website owner, you can use the report to see all your site KPIs in one place without wasting hours clicking around in Google Analytics.

This Data Studio report template was designed to present an entire year’s worth of website data. But the date picker on the report allows you to focus on any period you want to review.

Join the Data Studio Mastery Course and the Done-For-You Data Studio Template Library

Do you want to learn how to use Google Data Studio to develop a template library of your own? Or do you want to copy and use the templates from my library?

If you do, consider joining my Data Studio Mastery Course. Inside Data Studio Mastery Course, I’ll show how to use GDS along with some simple automation tools to save tens of hours every month. And you’ll discover how to turn your reporting from a time-sucking “to-do,” into a revenue-generating business development opportunity.

Comments or questions

You’ve seen my seven go-to report templates. Do you have a “go-to” Data Studio template? If you do share it in the comments. Also, if you have questions about my Data Studio templates, or how to use Google Data Studio, leave them in the comments below.

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7 Plug-and-Play Google Data Studio Templates

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