March 3, 2024
A DOG’S TALE 🐶 Lucas & Me 🐭 Ep. 5 | Puppets for Kids | Lingokids

A DOG’S TALE 🐶 Lucas & Me 🐭 Ep. 5 | Puppets for Kids | Lingokids

A DOG’S TALE 🐶 Lucas & Me 🐭 Ep. 5 | Puppets for Kids | Lingokids

Video by Lingokids Songs and Playlearning via YouTube
A DOG’S TALE 🐶 Lucas & Me 🐭 Ep. 5 | Puppets for Kids | Lingokids

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Something has been following Lucas around… it’s furry and wags a lot! In this episode of the Lingokids Lucas & Me puppet series, discover fun facts about why animals have tails and help Lucas embrace self-acceptance.

In this Lingokids Lucas & Me Puppets for kids episode:
00:00 Lingokids intro
00:02 Lucas & Me Intro
00:08 Lucas discovers his own tail
00:40 Is that a squirrel?
01:15 What’s a tail?
02:20 Rat lost his tail
03:00 Lucas’ tail runs away
03:43 Lingokids’ YouTube Channels
03:51 The Lingokids app

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Creator & Director: Guillermo García Carsí
Screenplay: Baboon Animation & Guillermo García Carsí

Executive Producer: Cristobal Viedma
Executive Producer: Vladimir Klimov
Producer: Jaime Fiestas
Associate Producer: Isabel Alvarez
Associate Producer: Eneko Elbira
Production Manager : Meredith Chasney
Production Coordinator: Carmen Gutiérrez
Production Runner: Josep Armentano
Legal : Kasia Gibas
Finances : Carlos Miguel Gómez

Storyboard & Animatic: Guillermo García Carsí
Art Direction: Guillermo García Carsí
Art Supervision: Juan Carlos "Lakas" Martínez

Concept Artist: Javier Arenas
Concept Artist: Pakoto Martínez
Graphic Design : Juan Carlos "Lakas" Martínez
Graphic Design : Javier Arenas

Set Recording: Como Coja la Zapatilla SL

Set Design: Other Lands Studio
Post Production Supervisor: Rubén Paniagua
Editorial: Como Coja la Zapatilla SL

Lucas: Mary Morgan
Me: Michael Pollock
Casting Voices: Baboon
Casting Director: Mike de Seve
Voice Recording: Baboon
Music: Nevada Sounds
Sound Design: Mario Morellón

Puppets Design: Guillermo García Carsí
Puppets Construction: Puppets Marionetas
Puppets Modification: Muppetece Workshop
Lucas Pupeteer: Joan Bentallé, Victor de la Rosa (Títeres Sol y Tierra)
Me Pupeteer: Rosa Pou,Victor de la Rosa (Títeres Sol y Tierra)
Puppet Hospital: Iria Roibas
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