May 22, 2024

A Level Distance Learning Courses


You can start our A level courses at any time of the year

A Levels are recognised by employers and universities alike as the “gold standard” of British Secondary education. Good A Level passes will secure entry to the best UK and US universities and to universities worldwide.

AS Level is a stand alone qualification in all subjects in its own right, as well as being the first half of an A Level. Depending on the entry requirements of the university to which you apply, an AS can add breadth to your A Level qualifications.


Note that you need to take the AL exam within 13 months of the AS exam for the qualification to remain valid. If you defer your AL exams beyond this period, you will be required to take the AS exams again. For more details see A Level Exam Information.

To be accepted onto our A level courses, students must have achieved our IGCSE/GCSE grade requirements. For advice on A level subjects please see Choosing Your A Level Subjects.

See Cambridge A Level for further information about the Cambridge exam board.

Note that our experienced University Services Advisor can help you select the right A Level courses for entry onto your university course of choice, and can advise on all aspects of university entrance including application support and references. These services are easy to access though our University Services booking form.

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education

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Entry Requirements for A Level Courses

To be accepted onto an A Level course, you need to have gained:

Our A Level courses include:

  • The best published books.
  • Access to our learning management system.
  • Assignments throughout the course.
  • Fast feedback from our Tutors (within 3–5 working days).
  • A Progress Manager for advice and help at all times.

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Hours of Study

Our AS Level courses take approximately 250 hours of study, and our A Level courses also take approximately 250 hours of study. Add to this the time required to prepare your assignments.

The time will also depend on your ability as a learner and your organisational skills.

Study skills sessions can be booked for those students who need help organising and structuring their studies.

King Sum Wong, A Level Student, Hong Kong

I took two subjects, Geography and Law, with Wolsey Hall. I needed A Levels to get into University. Taking A Levels as a private student was a challenging experience, especially when I had to study and prepare in a shortened time frame, but I am glad that this good online school was there to help me out. I would like to thank Pat, Carol and Adrian for their guidance. My Tutors were very helpful, were always there to answer my questions and provided helpful advice on my work. In the end, I got A grades in both subjects!

AS and A Levels Years 12–13, children aged 16-18

  • Most A Level candidates take 3 subjects in preparation for university. Strongly academic candidates might consider taking 4 A Level subjects or 3 full subject and one or two at AS Level.
  • For all Wolsey Hall A Level courses you will need to have gained a Grade C or 4 at IGCSE/GCSE (or equivalent) in both English Language and Maths. You must also have obtained a Grade B or 6 in your chosen subjects – this does not apply to Business, Classical Studies, Economics, Politics, Psychology or Sociology.
  • Students should choose subjects which are either required or recommended for their university degree course.
  • Information about entrance to UK universities is available at
  • Wolsey Hall suggests that students will require approximately 350 hours of study for each A Level subject, plus the time needed for assignment preparation.
  • Students should allow up to 2 years in preparation for A Level exams.

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