June 21, 2024

A Look Back: A Super Tool To Help When You Have A Sub

Author: Larry Ferlazzo
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Substitute Wanted                                                                                                                                           Allen Gathman via Compfight


I thought that new – and veteran – readers might find it interesting if I began sharing my best posts from over the years. You can see the entire collection here

I published this post in 2009 after I developed this tool to help out my class, and the teachers who substituted for me when I was sick or at a meeting/training.  It was so popular that I also included it in one of my books:

I thought this might be a good opportunity to share my Attitude and Behavior With A Substitute Teacher grading rubric.

I only use it with classes that I’m concerned about. In those classes, a few minutes before the ending bell rings, the sub passes out the rubric. Students grade themselves, and then the sub grades them. It works quite well — subs can grade by “faces” instead of having to try to remember names (you’ll notice on the rubric there’s a caution and way to spot if students don’t put their real name on it), and pushes students to reflect on how they’ve handled themselves.

Yes, yes, I know — I’m a big believer in developing intrinsic motivation, too. I just figure that I miss class so seldom, subs have such a challenging situation anyway, and remembering how I behaved with a sub when I was a student, that using something like this is best for everybody involved.

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