Advanced Typography Design in Figma

Author: Kezz Bracey
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EdTech Cafe
 Standford EdTech (Author)
EdTech Café is a podcast series produced by the educational technology team at Stanford Medicine.

This course is the second in a two-part series on designing web typography using the Figma UI design tool. In the last course (Web Typography Basics in Figma), we nailed down all the fundamentals of typographic design. In this course we’ll build on that foundation, adding advanced features such as responsive adjustments, coloring, and accessibility.

We’ll also put together some element-specific typography for links, buttons, blockquotes, and preformatted code, getting into the details of the individual components that form your websites.

Let’s go ahead and get started on Advanced Typography Design in Figma. I’ll see you in the first lesson.

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Advanced Typography Design in Figma
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