February 24, 2024

AEM: Potential upside to continue above 0.90, Price 0.89

Author: Trading Impossible | Joey Choy
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Over the past few days, we have seen some bullish actions in AEM with the markets rebounding..

It has finally broke above the 0.85 resistance that it has been trading below for about a month..

We actually had some bearish signals before the sell down in Dec but then the exit came few days back…

Some upside targets were drawn and upside still looks possible after 0.900… see what I mean

We may be attempting the move above temp resistance at 0.90…

Watching for more bullish actions above 0.900 which can see our target on tracked as drawn above..

We may start to see some profit taking again near 1.00 if that happens…

Let’s see..

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