December 10, 2023

AI will displace 40 percent of world’s workers as soon as 2035, leading expert warns

Author: Ray Schroeder
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By Christopher Carbone, Fox News

Forty percent of the world’s jobs could be done by machines in as soon as 15 years, according to a top expert on artificial intelligence (AI). Kai Fu Lee, a pioneer in AI who also works in venture capital in China, told “60 Minutes” that a wide range of blue-collar and white-collar jobs will be overtaken by machines in the next two decades. “AI will increasingly replace repetitive jobs, not just for blue-collar work, but a lot of white-collar work,” Lee, who has worked for Apple and Google, told CBS. “Chauffeurs, truck drivers, anyone who does driving for a living — their jobs will be disrupted more in the 15 to 25-year time frame.” The venture capitalist, who wrote a book about AI last year, said in the show that “many jobs that seem a little bit complex – chef, waiter, a lot of things – will become automated.”

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