December 10, 2023

Better than well-being: Education beyond transhumanism. D. Lewin & A. Edwards

Author: Juan José Calderón Amador
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Hoy traemos a este espacio del  International Journal of Design and Innovation Research , este artículo titulado Better than well-being: Education beyond transhumanism.
D. Lewin, A. Edwards. Liverpool Hope University

 Much has been said about the different conceptions of well-being that educators look towards. In this paper we consider how transhumanists attempt to think beyond well-being. Our purpose here is not to suggest that we have arrived at a meaning of being or well-being and that it is now time move on towards a transhuman future.On the contrary, the transhuman vision beyond the present tells us more, we argue,about the limitations of our understanding of the depth of well-being. What might  seem like rather fantastical models of the goal of education are not as distant asthey seem; the practical implications of modern technology increasingly require usto face the projection of humanity in our own image. It is argued that a theological conception of human nature will provide insight into transcendence that transhumanism does not consider.

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