July 18, 2024

Beyond the technology: teaching students in a virtual world

Beyond the technology: teaching students in a virtual world

Author: mark.lennon@jisc.ac.uk
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In this episode we go on a guided tour of a virtual world for students, created by Itzel Lopez, an international officer from Cardiff and Vale College.

Itzel’s students use the bespoke online environment to benefit both their education and mental wellbeing. The platform is complete with beach-side wellness centre and spaces to socialise. Students can also travel to art galleries and countries all around the world.

Itzel explains how the teaching possibilities are endless when working with Second Life, sharing the benefits of highly customisable environments. Examples include psychology students looking inside visual representations of the human mind, and simulations of physical trade training, such as working on virtual construction sites.

This interview is full of tips and ideas about getting started if you’d like to start a similar world for your own students, helping them to socialise and share knowledge, without leaving their homes – something that’s become incredibly useful over the past year.

Show notes

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Episode guest

Itzel Lopez
International officer, Cardiff and Vale College
See Itzels’s Twitter profile

Episode host

Georgie Myers

Georgie Myers
Media and content officer, Jisc


Episode producer

Mark Lennon

Mark Lennon
Digital campaign manager, Jisc

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