December 8, 2023

Big Data in Education: New opportunities for measurement and data analysis. National Council on measurement in education. Slideshare

Author: Juan José Calderón Amador
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Hoy traemos a este espacio esta slideshare titulada “Big Data in Education: New opportunities for measurement and data analysis. National Council on measurement in education” , que nos presentan así:
Opening/Framing Comments: John Behrens, Vice President, Center for Digital Data, Analytics, & Adaptive Learning Pearson
Discussion of how the field of educational measurement is changing; how long held assumptions may no longer be taken for granted and that new terminology and language are coming into the.

Panel 1: Beyond the Construct: New Forms of Measurement
This panel presents new views of what assessment can be and new species of big data that push our understanding for what can be used in evidentiary arguments. 
 Marcia Linn, Lydia Liu from UC Berkeley and ETS discuss continuous assessment of science and new kinds of constructs that relate to collaboration and student reasoning.
 John Byrnes from SRI International discusses text and other semi-structured data sources and different methods of analysis.
 Kristin Dicerbo from Pearson discusses hidden assessments and the different student interactions and events that can be used in inferential processes.
Panel 2: The Test is Just the Beginning: Assessments Meet Systems Context
This panel looks at how assessments are not the end game, but often the first step in larger big-data practices at districts/state/national levels. 
 Gerald Tindal from the University of Oregon discusses State data systems and special education, including curriculum-based measurement across geographic settings.
 Jack Buckley Commissioner of the National Center for Educational Statistics discussing national datasets where tests and other data connect.
 Lindsay Page, Will Marinell from the Strategic Data Project at Harvard discussing state and district datasets used for evaluating teachers, colleges of education, and student progress.
Panel 3: Connecting the Dots: Research Agendas to Integrate Different Worlds
This panel will look at how research organizations are viewing the connections between the perspectives presented in Panels 1 and 2; what is known, what is still yet to be discovered in order to achieve the promised of big connected data in education. 
 Andrea Conklin Bueschel Program Director at the Spencer Foundation
 Ed Dieterle Senior Program Officer at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
 Edith Gummer Program Manager at National Science Foundation

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