September 30, 2023

Build a Complete Registration and Login System using PHP

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Build a Complete Registration and Login System using PHP, Create a Authenticate and Registration Page and connect it Database , Insert data , authenticate data.

In this Course you learn how to design a login page and registration page connect database to the project and insert data into database                                       authenticate the data stored into database with the data given by the user on the login page or interface page, all this we are going to learn                                 in this course .

Student will also learn

  • Let new users sign up and log in
  • Store passwords securely in the database
  • Restrict content to logged-in users only
  • Use sessions for handling logins
  • Use cookies to optionally remember the user’s login
  • Allow users to securely reset their own password
  • Extract Data From Database

Students should have basic knowledge of




In this course we will also learn some codes about java script , for invalid username or password it will show a pop message all this we are going to learn in this course .

“Very nice course, covers all the stuff you need, good voice and good explanation makes it perfect for people that are new to HTML. Also there’s some best practices recommendations which are useful even for advanced developers.”

“Excellence in giving the optimal set of tools for web development beginners seeking a well-rounded start for professional web development.”

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