June 16, 2024

Canvas at OLC Innovate: The Importance of Equitable Access

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Instructure, the maker of the Canvas learning management system (LMS), is once again honored to take part in this OLC Innovate Conference. Innovation is one of the goals that drives us at our company. Simply put, we want to make teaching and learning better for everyone, whether that’s in a traditional, face-to-face classroom or an online higher education environment.

Ideally, that process needs to be more open, flexible, and collaborative. It also must provide equitable access, a key component to learning and students’ ownership of it. Canvas first advocated for the IMS LTI standard in 2011. We built the Edu App Center where any teacher can find apps to add to any LMS, and served as a driving force behind the creation of new standards. Accessibility is inclusive.

Equitable access can manifest itself in many ways. We’ve seen edtech change the lives of young people who are deaf and blind, facilitate cultural connections among first-generation college students, and even provide a second-chance for diplomas and degrees to those who are incarcerated.

Jared Stein, our Vice President of Higher Ed Strategy writes, “Accessibility ensures that technology doesn’t get in the way, but rather enables what matters most: students’ interactions with content, classmates, or their teachers.”  

As one administrator told us: “All students can learn when they have the tools, and the resources, and the time.”

We’d love for you to spend time with our team at this year’s OLC Innovate conference. Instructure employees will discuss how educators can use Canvas for student success, which includes monitoring at-risk students, leveraging feedback for greater personalization, and promoting engagement with collaborative tools. We invite you to join us for  “Canvas: An Engine For Student Success” taking place Wednesday, April 3rd from 1:00 PM to 1:45 PM.

The next day, attendees can see how they can use video to capture student interest and motivate their involvement. Our company will present “If Video Is So Engaging, Why Aren’t My Students Engaged?” on Thursday, April 4th from 11:15 AM to 12:00 PM.

We look forward to making new connections at OLC Innovate, participating in the forum of ideas, and as always, continuing to find ways to bring innovation to everyday situations.

Keep learning,

The Instructure Team

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