Support Students’ Social-Emotional Needs with Self-Regulation Spaces

Author: Diana Gross {authorlink} Source With mental health in students continuing to decline, according to Forbes, K–12 schools and educators are looking for the best ways to support those who are struggling without sacrificing learning. A renewed focus on social-emotional learning in K–12 classrooms is one way districts are trying to help students overcome the increased levels of […]

Product Review: New Rack-Mountable Eaton UPS Powers Up K–12 Schools

Author: John Breeden II {authorlink} Source Battery backup systems have come a long way from the clunky devices once used to protect individual computers. Today, they are networkable, rack-mountable, easy to manage and can even convert dirty power into a clean sine wave that can extend the life of valuable equipment. And yes, they still provide power […]

Ari Mittleman – Paths of the Righteous: Stories of Humanity, Heroism, and Hope – 504

Author: Steven Miletto Source Ari Mittleman talks with me about his book Paths of the Righteous: Stories of Humanity, Heroism, and Hope. This is episode 504 of Teaching Learning Leading K12 an audio podcast. As a native Pennsylvanian deeply involved in the pro-Israel community, the mass shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh […]

5 Answers to Questions About the Chip Supply Shortage

Author: Dusty Lawless {authorlink} Source When schools went remote in 2020, the demand for laptops and tablets skyrocketed. This depleted inventories, accelerated the need for computer chips and created sustained shortages. Read on to learn five reasons this situation persists. Why Does the Chip Shortage Matter? It’s led to a sharp scarcity of both consumer and business […]

The Benefits of Integrating Technology into Today’s K–12 Classrooms

Author: Rebecca Torchia {authorlink} Source Technology integration is no longer about whether tech belongs in classrooms. In today’s education landscape, it pertains to how technology is chosen and used for learning. Schools have received waves of government funding for educational technology. Administrators and IT leadership still have until September 2022 and September 2023 to obligate ESSER I […]

Teaching Emerging Technologies Empowers K–12 Students

Author: Rebecca Torchia {authorlink} Source Teaching emerging technologies to K–12 students today not only sets them up for success as future citizens in the workplace, but also furthers diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. Sean Wybrant, a CTE teacher in Colorado Springs District 11, shared what this looks like in his classroom in a recent episode of Focus […]

Review: Okta Grants Access to Necessary Apps for Authorized Schools Anywhere

Author: Carlos Soto {authorlink} Source There’s a common misconception that increased security must come at the expense of productivity. This can seem especially true in K–12 classrooms, where students can easily forget passwords for multiple applications, bringing learning to a halt and turning teachers into help desk technicians. While that may have been true in […]

Paws in Schools, S12 Episode 5

Author: Arizona K12 Center Source If you miss having a four-legged friend with you at school every day, you may love this episode. Today, we’re exploring the Pawsitive Peers Foundation school therapy dog program in Mesa Public Schools, which allows staff to adopt local shelter dogs and train them to be certified therapy dogs.  Mesa […]

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