May 22, 2024

Cloud-Native Development Using Java with Eclipse MicroProfile

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Many developers are building cloud-native applications and are looking for ways to create resilient applications that follow best practices. Eclipse MicroProfile optimizes enterprise Java applications for microservices architectures. The specifications have been created by experts in the community and are backed by companies such as IBM, RedHat, and Oracle—which makes it a great choice for developers like you. By getting an introduction to MicroProfile and some of the fundamental specifications available, you can make the most of your cloud-native Java applications. Join IBM software engineer Kate Stanley as she shows you how to enable your existing enterprise Java applications with MicroProfile specifications using the Open Liberty app server. Along the way, she shows how to add health checks, collect metrics, and trace requests. By the end, you’ll have the skills and the toolset you need to bring your Java apps into the modern era.

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