April 13, 2024

College award tenure

Author: Scott Jaschik
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Fashion Institute of Technology

  • Sarah Blazer, writing and speaking studio
  • Katelyn Burton-Prager, English and communication studies
  • Kim Cunningham, social sciences
  • Natasha Degen, art market: principles and practice
  • Delphine Horvath, cosmetics and fragrance marketing
  • Ruth Jeyaveeran, textile/surface design
  • Brendan Leach, illustration, graduate studies
  • Erica Moretti, modern languages and cultures
  • Lucy Collins Payne, social sciences
  • James Matthew Phillips, fine arts
  • Stephanie Pierce, fine arts
  • Bret Tesman, advertising and marketing communications

Harford Community College, in Maryland

  • Cynthia Lewis, accounting
  • Jaclyn Madden, biology
  • Regina Roof-Ray, psychology
  • Rosemarie Sedney, nursing
  • Scott West, English

McDaniel College

  • Richard H. Laird, kinesiology
  • Katie L. Staab, biology
  • Benjamin A. Steinhurst, mathematics
  • Barbara Ann Swartz, education

New York Institute of Technology

  • Anthony Caradonna, architecture
  • Daniel Cinotti, school counseling
  • Mathew Ford, architecture
  • Amanda Golden, English
  • Colleen Kirk, management and marketing
  • Alexander Lopez, occupational therapy
  • Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa, architecture
  • Purushottam Meena, management science
  • Rakesh Mittal, human resource management and law
  • James Scire, mechanical engineering
  • Tom Verebes, architecture
  • Melda Yildiz, instructional technology
  • Shenglong Zhang, biological and chemical sciences
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