March 1, 2024

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The students have the never before opportunity to study a wide number of courses to build a sound career. A number of recognized and highly ranked universities across the country offer distance learning courses in a number of disciplines from management to arts. Distance learning model of education has emerged as a bona fide alternative to the system of traditional education wherein the students are required to physically attend the classes in university. In a distance learning course the students need not fulfill the mandate of attending classes in universities. They can study from home and are merely required to clear the examinations as per the university guidelines with minimum qualifying marks. The students can also study various courses through an online mode in which the students are given access to an online portal designed by the university. The students are given online lectures through video conferencing, video lectures etc. The students are also given specially designed study modules and course materials which are designed to give the students clarity regarding the basic concepts. The students can also study from the study resources and student reviews on the online interaction portal.

CA-students-005The universities also run a regular exercise of conducting doubt resolution sessions from time to time to help the students gain knowledge and insight about their potential and skills. The students are also allotted mentors whom they can approach in case of doubts and queries encountered by them in their self study.

The universities also provide the students with the opportunities such as campus placements and scholarships. The students can avail scholarships and enrollment rebates in many colleges and institutes for meritorious performance. The students can also hope to get employment across a wide range of sectors after pursuing various distance learning courses. Some of the most popular courses that are widely pursued by students through distance learning are MBA, MCA, BSC in IT, LLM etc. The students therefore have no dearth of courses to choose from. Most of the universities are equipped with ultra modern infrastructure and come with the best on campus amenities. The students can even make use of the various on campus amenities such as libraries and research infrastructure.Bsc IT 001

Distance learning is especially beneficial for students who wish to pursue further education along with their professional careers or alongside the other regular courses they are studying. Thus with this alternative model of education gaining ground, the students no longer have to make the impassive choice of having to choose between their studies or careers.

The method of giving instructions and education to students, on an individual basis, who cannot be physically present in a traditional setting such as a classroom is known as distance education or distance learning. Pilotage edutech provides distance learning education and also regular learning. For more details you can contact – 927 8888 319 / 20 or visit –

Days have gone when education other than regular classes was out of imagination. Now the education is available at your door steps. You just need to grab it. A number of institutions are there which provide the distance learning. At our end, it is better understood that BA/MA/BSC/MSC distance learning is now not a problem. The remote locations should not be taken as hurdle in getting the education. We are here to provide you the better services. We are able to provide you both the education system. Distance learning and regular classes are available for the scholars.

Those who are isolated and marginalized, we offer BA/MA/BSC/MSC distance learning programs for those. In the country, we are associated a number of universities so that the beam of education is spread everywhere. A common belief has implanted in the minds of people that the distance learning is not the good media of getting education. We want to make our clients rest assured that education is education after all. In case a student is involved in managing the routine livelihood, he/she can take the dual; benefits. At one hand the livelihood and at other hand the benefits of BA/MA/BSC/MSC distance learning is there.

As it is well known that the journey of even thousands miles starts from a single step, with this aim we have started BA/MA/BSC/MSC distance learning courses. To improve the situation of education upto graduate and post graduate level, we have started this wing since Jan 2015. The courses we offer through distance learning are having same depth and adoptability as compares to regular courses. Frequent follow up and counseling through various modes is the main trump card of success of the distance learning courses. We ensure that a student do not have feeling that his/her selection of education method is of some inferior class.

One can see the detailed information on the home page of the website i.e. regarding BA/MA/BSC/MSC distance learning programs. The fee structure is quite affordable and no hidden charges are levied on the student at later stage. The best ever education system has been designed by the institute for providing a fine learning experience sitting at distance.