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Study a wide range of courses through distance learning

18 Mar 2015

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header_admissionsThe students have the never before opportunity to study a wide number of courses to build a sound career. A number of recognized and highly ranked universities across the country offer distance learning courses in a number of disciplines from management to arts. Distance learning model of education has emerged as a bona fide alternative to the system of traditional education wherein the students are required to physically attend the classes in university. In a distance learning course the students need not fulfill the mandate of attending classes in universities. They can study from home and are merely required to clear the examinations as per the university guidelines with minimum qualifying marks. The students can also study various courses through an online mode in which the students are given access to an online portal designed by the university. The students are given online lectures through video conferencing, video lectures etc. The students are also given specially designed study modules and course materials which are designed to give the students clarity regarding the basic concepts. The students can also study from the study resources and student reviews on the online interaction portal.

The universities also run a regular exercise of conducting doubt resolution sessions from time to time to help the students gain knowledge and insight about their potential and skills. The students are also allotted mentors whom they can approach in case of doubts and queries encountered by them in their self study.

International_StudentsThe universities also provide the students with the opportunities such as campus placements and scholarships. The students can avail scholarships and enrollment rebates in many colleges and institutes for meritorious performance. The students can also hope to get employment across a wide range of sectors after pursuing various distance learning courses. Some of the most popular courses that are widely pursued by students through distance learning are MBA, MCA, BSC in IT, LLM etc. The students therefore have no dearth of courses to choose from. Most of the universities are equipped with ultra modern infrastructure and come with the best on campus amenities. The students can even make use of the various on campus amenities such as libraries and research infrastructure.

Distance learning is especially beneficial for students who wish to pursue further education along with their professional careers or alongside the other regular courses they are studying. Thus with this alternative model of education gaining ground, the students no longer have to make the impassive choice of having to choose between their studies or careers.

BSC IT Degree through distance learning

13 Mar 2015

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B.SC ITIn the past decade distance learning has emerged as perhaps the most bona fide alternative to the traditional mechanism of education. Unlike regular academic courses, distance learning courses are much more flexible in their approach towards education. In case of distance learning courses the students are not required to maintain minimum attendance requirements. The students do not need to attend classes in the universities regularly. The students are only required to devote a designated amount of time each day to their studies. The students can learn and study form home with the help of relevant course material provided to them by the universities. Besides the study material, the students are also given various other study resources. The universities offering distance learning programs often provide the students with unique log in details to access the database of the university from which they can avail video lectures, references, reviews by other students etc.

The students can greatly benefit from these resources as they have valuable information and references. The students can also approach the faculty members and mentors assigned to them to resolve their doubts and queries. Doubt resolution sessions are also held from time to time to resolve the queries of the students. Therefore the distance education medium of learning has endless benefits. The students can study the course of their choice from the convenience of their homes.

images (18)However, even in case of the distance learning courses, the students are required to clear the regular unit tests as well as the final exams with minimum qualifying marks. Therefore, the distance learning regime of academic courses is equally strict in its approach to awarding degrees to students. A BSc IT course is one of the most bona fide stepping stones to success as the Information Technology sector is expanding like never before in India. IT professionals are perhaps the most highly paid professionals in the entire workforce. Various multinational and national conglomerates and IT sector giants are situated in India. Thus there is absolutely no dearth of jobs in this sector. The students can also avail exiting placement opportunities through the campus placement cells which is a prominent feature of most of the universities offering BSc IT courses. The students can even get exciting scholarships for meritorious performance. The students can therefore choose from the various recognized universities having the requisite recognitions and accreditations by the statutory regulators such as UGC , AICTE etc. The entrance criteria of BSC IT course could typically vary from one university to another.

Distance Education MBA in insurance and Risk Management

11 Mar 2015

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The trend seen over the past two decades has been an overwhelming and unrelenting attraction for an MBA degree among all the other courses in the academic realm. MBA has dominated all other professional courses for some time. It is perhaps the most popular academic course among the students. The world business operates and strives on the expertise and knowledge of MBA professionals. It is a professional course which imparts within the students the essential dynamics of professionalism and business. The students become well rounded business professionals after getting an MBA degree.

04In terms of its employability, it is perhaps the most versatile educational program. The students are open to scores of options after getting an MBA degree from any of the good ranking business school. The students can work in big companies including the fortune 500s or in big corporate giants. Since an MBA degree essentially teaches a student the dynamics of business and enterprise, a student can also become a successful entrepreneur after studying MBA.

The typical duration of an MBA course is 2 years which is divided into four semesters over which the students are assessed and graded. The students can even choose to study an MBA degree the distance learning mode of education. The students are required to qualify and clear the unit tests and the final exams just as in the case of regular courses. The students are given feedbacks and performance reviews from time to time. Insurance and banking are some of the most emerging sectors. Insurance sector single handedly absorbs a major share of the work force of the nation. Risk management and risk mitigation professionals are required across virtually all sectors today. Risk mitigation is the minute art of assessing the merits and cons of an investment. It is the risk assessment to ascertain whether a requisite assessment is viable or not.

mba_in_insurance_risk_ManangementThe universities that offer distance learning medium for MBA also give the students the required course materials and an access to their databases. The students can also access the databases for their research. The students are assigned mentors who they can approach for resolution of doubts and queries. Besides, the doubts and queries of students can be resolved by regular doubt resolution sessions that are held from time to time to help the students in their work.
The distance learning model of education is especially beneficial for students who wish to pursue a master’s in business administration but are unable to do so owing to the constraints of time and money.

Distance Learning Education B.Sc in Noida

10 Mar 2015

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The students have a never before chance to gain the qualifications of their dreams and take a right stride towards great career opportunities. Universities across the country offer recognized degree courses in BSC. Various institutes and universities across the country offer stellar infrastructure and faculty at par with best in industry standards to give a truly fruitful career to the students. Students can avail the best education by distance learning. Various distance learning institutes have opened that offer courses in a wide spectrum of disciplines to help the students build a sound foundation for their career. There has never been a better time than now to study a distance learning course in BSC. Several new institutes and colleges in Noida offer valuable courses that have the relevant industrial and statutory recognitions.004

Universities offer various distinguished facilities such as state of art infrastructure, well equipped labs etc. Most of the universities also offer BSC courses through the distance learning module wherein the students can pursue their BSC degrees by devoting minimum time and effort. The students can study various courses from the convenience of their homes by devoting a designated amount of time each day. The students are graded on their performance in unit tests and final exams just as in case of regular academic courses. The students are still given complete help and support in their studies. There is a well defined mechanism for resolution of doubts and queries of students wherein each and every student is assigned separate mentors who they can approach in case of any doubts.

The students are also provided with doubt resolution sessions from time to time. Besides, the students are also given access to the university’s databases from where they can source the required study material for their studies. The students are also given virtual tutorials through video conferencing from time to time to give them a better understanding of various concepts. The students are given relevant course materials which are specially designed to help them understand the dynamics of their academic program. The course materials are concise and clear and very comprehensive. The students can therefore become qualified BSC professionals by undertaking some amount of self study each day.

005Studying a BSC course form any of the recognized institutes and colleges in Noida is therefore a right step in the right direction. The students can gain immense benefit from making the right career choice.