July 19, 2024

Creating a Successful Wedding and Event Planning Business

Creating a Successful Wedding and Event Planning Business

Author: Skillabration via YouTube
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On Episode 11 of the Skillabration Podcast Nikki interviews Amy Kinsman and Teal Ozolins from Perfect Day Event Planning.

At the Age of 40 Amy Kinsman began her career as a Wedding Coordinator. Over the past 8 seasons she has grown her business from 1 wedding in her first year, to 40 weddings this season. She has added 5 coordinator/planners to her team and she is now focused on full service wedding planning and managing her business.

Teal is a stay at home mom/wedding planner/ small business owner. Formally a teacher, Teal takes the skills needed in the classroom such as adaptability, patience, problem solving, kindness, and a growth mindset to every aspect of her life.

Highlights from the Episode:

🔥How Amy founded Perfect Day
🔥Surviving as a small business during Covid
🔥What it’s like being a parent and running a business
🔥The top 3 skills that have served them in life and in business
🔥Their top advice for the youth today

Connect with Amy and Prefect Day here:
Instagram: @perfectdayeventplanningllc

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