December 8, 2023
Day-05 NumPy Library – Case Study

Day-05 NumPy Library – Case Study

Day-05 NumPy Library – Case Study

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Day-05 NumPy Library – Case Study


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Day-01 Data Science & Industry Requirements / Applications
Day-02 Python for Data Science
Day-03 Data Science & Python Fundamentals – Overview
Day-04 Implementing Pandas Library
Day-05 NumPy Library – Case Study
Day-06 Matplotlib – Applications
Day-07 Seaborn and scikit library Implementation
Day-08 Logistic & Linear Regression
Day-09 ML Algorithms – SVM
Day-10 ML Algorithms – Decision Tree
Day-11 Deep Learning Techniques – Bagging & Boosting
Day-12 Deep Learning Techniques – Keras
Day-13 Neural Networks – ANN & CNN
Day-14 Importing and Manipulation of data
Day-15 Concepts on excel sheet with Datascience
Day-16 Concepts of Datascience – Data Frame ,Functions & Data preparation
Day-17 An intro to qlikview tool,qlikscale tool
Day-18 Basic concepts of qlikview and the usage of this tool in datascience domain
Day-19 NLP in Data Science
Day-20 Case Study – Detection Models – I – Cyber Money Laundering Detection
Day-21 Case Study – Detection Models – II – Anamoly Detection
Day-22 Case Study – Prediction Models I – Heart Disease Prediction
Day-23 Myers briggs personality prediction using ml
Day-24 Classification Models – I – Spam Classification Models
Day-25 Classification Models – II – Movie Review Classification
Day-26 Segmentation Models – I – Customer Segmentation Model Creation
Day-27 Project – 1 – Emotion Detection using Python
Day-28 Project – II – Wine Quality Prediction using Datasets
Day-29 Project – III – Twitter Dataset Classification using DL
Day-30 Data Science – Tools , Languages & jobs

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