March 1, 2024
Day –  15 Image classification using CNN

Day – 15 Image classification using CNN

Day –  15 Image classification using CNN

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Day –  15 Image classification using CNN

APSSDC Certified 1 Month Internship on Artificial Intelligence
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4 Internship Certificates + Presentations + Source Codes + LIVE Sessions
Day 1 Introduction of AI
Day 2 How to install python and libraries| basic python programing
Day 3 Introduction of Machine learning | How to install ML libraries
Day 4 Training and evaluation the various ML model
Day 5 Movie recommendation system ML system.
Day 6 Employee salary prediction ML system
Day 7 Introduction of NLP and its terminology |How to install NLP Libraries
Day 8 Hate speech detection ML system
Day 9 Speech emotion recognition in NLP
Day 10 How to create AI virtual assistant using python
Day 11 Language Translator
Day 12 Introduction of Deep learning |How to install DL libraries
Day 13 Designing your first Neural network.
Day 14 Object recognition from pretrained model
Day 15 Image classification using CNN
Day 16 Leaf disease detection using deep learning.
Day 17 Hand written recognition
Day 18 Traffic sign Recognition using CNN and KERAS
Day 19 Coloring the image old to B&W
Day 20 Label reading using OCR
Day 21 Drowsiness detection using DL
Day 22 Image caption generator using DL
Day 23 Introduction of computer vision |how to install computer vision libraries
Day 24 Face and Eye detection in OpenCV.
Day 25 Vehicle counting
Day 26 Object tracking based on color in OpenCV
Day 27 Face recognition using OpenCV
Day 28 Face mask detection using OpenCV
Day 29 Currency detection using OpenCV
Day 30 Emotion recognition through the facial express.

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