September 26, 2023
Day 3  – DBMS (MongoDB & SQL)| Relational Data Models

Day 3 – DBMS (MongoDB & SQL)| Relational Data Models

Day 3  – DBMS (MongoDB & SQL)| Relational Data Models

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Day 3  – DBMS (MongoDB & SQL)| Relational Data Models


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1. DBMS Architecture, Data Models
2. DBMS – Data Schemas, Data independence
3. DBMS – ER Model Basic Concepts, ER Diagram Representation, Generalization Aggregation
4. DBMS -Codd’s Rules, Relational Data Model, Relational Algebra
5. DBMS – ER to Relational Model, SQL Overview
6. Database Normalization, Database Joins
7. DBMS – Storage System, File Structure
8. DBMS – Indexing, Hashing
9. DBMS – Transaction, Concurrency Control, DeadLock
10. DBMS – Data Backup, Data Recovery
11.SQL – Overview, RDBMS Concepts, Databases
12.SQL – Syntax, DataTypes, Operators
13.SQL – Expressions, Create Database, Drop Database
14.SQL – Select Database, Rename Database, Show Database
15.SQL – Create Table, Show Tables, Rename Table
16.SQL – Truncate Tables, Clone Tables, Temporary Tables
17.SQL – Alter Table, Drop Table, Delete Table, Constraints
18.SQL – Insert Query, Select Query, Update Query
19.SQL – Delete Query, Constraints
20. Applications Using SQL
21.MongoDB – Overview, Advantages, Data Modelling
22.MongoDB – Create Database, Drop Database, Create Collection
23. Drop Collection, Data Types
24. Insert Document, Query Document, Update Document
25. Delete Documents, Projection, Limiting Records, Sorting Records
26. Indexing, Aggregation, Replication, Sharding
27. Create Backup, Deployment, Java, and PHP
28.MongoDB – Project Example
29.MongoDB – Project Example
30.MongoDB – Project Example

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