May 20, 2024
Day 8 – Data wrangling

Day 8 – Data wrangling

Day 8 – Data wrangling

Video by pantechelearning via YouTube
Day 8 – Data wrangling

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Day-1: Introduction to Machine Learning
Day-2: Overview of Python-1
Day-3: Python important concepts
Day-4: Pandas Library
Day-5: Numpy Library
Day-6: Data Visualization (Matplotlib,Seaborn)
Day-7: ML introduction & Data collection & Preprocessing Data ML
Day-8: Data wrangling
Day-9: Train-Test-Split & ML Algorithms
Day-10: Iris flower classification ( Supervised)
Day-11: heart disease prediction ( Supervised)
Day-12: Car price prediction ( Regression )
Day-13: House price prediction ( Regression )
Day-14: Movie recommendation system ( Unsupervised )
Day-15: NLP introduction
Day-16: Fake news prediction using NLP
Day-17: Deep learning introduction
Day-18: Payment fraud detection using DL
Day 19 : Amazon review classification with NLP & DL
Day 20 : Imaging Processing with CNN
Day 21: Car Brand Classification using Images

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