April 13, 2024
DAYY-02  Introduction of React Js

DAYY-02 Introduction of React Js

DAYY-02  Introduction of React Js

Video by Pantech eLearning via YouTube
DAYY-02  Introduction of React Js

APSSDC Certified Internship on WEB DEVELOPMENT FULL STACK (Using JS)
Reg Fee : Rs.1999
Discounted Fee : Rs.999
Reg Link – ‘https://imjo.in/8p5jRw

APSSDC Certified 30 Days Masterclass on WEB DEVELOPMENT FULL STACK (React JS)

.Day-01 Web Development & Industry Requirements / Applications
•Day-02 Introduction of React Js
•Day-03 React Js- Overview And Software Installation
•Day-04 How To Create The React Project
•Day-05 Folder Structure Explanation And Simple Hello World App
•Day-06 Components And Functional, Class Component
•Day-07 Hooks And JSX
•Day-08 Web Development & Industry Requirements / Applications-08 Props and State
•Day-09 Event Handling, Methods, and List
•Day-10 Styling and Css Elements
•Day-11 Forms Handling
•Day-12 Login Form and Registration Page
•Day-13 Reactdom, Reactdomelement and Api Key
•Day-14 HTTP Get and Http Post
•Day-15 Api Sample Project Demo
•Day-16 Frond End Project Demo
•Day-17 Back End Explanation And Sever Side Explanation
•Day-18 Introduction About PHP
•Day-19 Laravel Framework
•Day-20 Laravel Installation And Project Folder Creation
•Day-21 Database Management System
•Day-22 Xampp Installation And Connection
•Day-23 Real-Time Chat Application
•Day-24 Quiz Web Application
•Day-25 Weather Application
•Day-26 Calculator App Building
•Day-27 Tour Web Application
•Day-28 E-Store Book Management System
•Day-29 Online Resume Builder Application
•Day-30 Plant Management System

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