Defining Your Own Journey

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From “The Innovator’s Mindset“:

When forward-thinking schools encourage today’s learners to become creators and leaders, I believe they, in turn, will create a better world. That’s my why, and it’s the way, I believe, we must approach the what and the how of our work as educators.

Here is the thing…”Forward-thinking schools” don’t just allow teachers to find and create their solutions; they encourage it.  We can all work together toward a broader vision but our pathways as individuals to that destination, can and should be different based on who we serve.

When I hear of “scripted” curriculums, the argument is that every student should have the same experience, but should they?  They should all have a great experience, but I would say that looks different in every classroom for every student. This is why giving over ownership of the journey matters as much as a shared destination.

In my next book, “Innovate Inside the Box,” written with Katie Novak, I discuss “The Core of Innovative Teaching and Learning,” and I identify four essential areas for schools to focus on:

Here’s the deal…I explain why each is important and give some examples to prompt thinking, but I encourage the reader to find their way and make meaning of each principle.  You know your community and classroom better than I could, so what does each look like to you?

The journey, especially in a field where learning is at the center of what we do, is as important, if not more so, than the destination.  We have to encourage those we serve to find and create their own path.

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Defining Your Own Journey
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