July 14, 2024

Designing Vibrant and Purposeful Learning Communities – #LivingLab Virtual Convening

Video by WISE Channel via YouTube
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Designing Vibrant and Purposeful Learning Communities - #LivingLab Virtual Convening

A consensus is emerging that education and learning need to become “everyone’s business”, and that the more connected, intertwined and interdependent societies become, the greater the opportunity to leverage our collective efforts to address learning gaps and societal challenges.

Learning ecosystems bring together diverse providers – not only schools and universities but also non-formal learning institutions, private sector organizations, and government institutions – creating new community-based learning opportunities and pathways to success, both for learners of all ages and for communities. This model, however, challenges conventional education hierarchies and decision making.

How do learning ecosystems emerge and evolve? What enables or prevents their development? How do they impact a community and to what extent can we measure that? This first Living Lab digital panel will convene academics, practitioners and community leaders to discuss principles, goals and engagement strategies of learning ecosystems; and explore successful examples from various contexts.
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