March 5, 2024

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Lyceum Correspondence College has four specialist schools to cater for every interest.

  • Faculty of Commerce and Law

    This school offers degrees, diplomas and certificates in administration, accounting, management, marketing and other business-related fields. These courses will empower you with the knowledge that you will need to succeed in a wide variety of corporate fields.

  • Faculty of Education

    Committed to meet the needs of our teachers, and support the growing urgency and importance of teacher-training in South Africa.

  • Faculty of Fleet & Logistics Operations

    These distance learning courses teach the practical skills that will help you succeed in the challenging fields of Fleet Management, Transport and Logistics. You will also acquire the theoretical knowledge that will empower you in these careers. Once you have completed one of these qualifications, you will be able to provide outstanding customer service, and create strategies to promote efficiency and high standards in the industry.

  • Faculty of Safety & Criminal Justice

    These diplomas, certificates and short learning programmes will equip you for careers in policing, security and related fields. These courses open a wide range of career fields including Law Enforcement Supervision, Metropolitan and Traffic Policing, Media Relations for Law Enforcement and many more.

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