July 24, 2024

Do you have questions about the Janet Network and coronavirus? We may have the answer

Author: charley.rogers@jisc.ac.uk
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A new networking FAQ from the Janet Network experts at Jisc, covering key information on how Janet is handling the changing traffic patterns caused by homeworking, is now available.

This is a challenging time for our members, and we are here to answer your questions as best we can.

As universities, colleges and research organisations across the country, and indeed across the world, are adopting new working practices amidst the coronavirus pandemic, queries have arisen about the capability of networks to withstand the changes.

In response a group of our infrastructure and connectivity experts have put together a networking FAQ, outlining how networks are being affected, and being proactively managed to adapt to the change in online traffic.

Queries include:

  • Has Janet got enough bandwidth?
  • What‘s the impact on Jisc’s federated roaming services, eduroam and Govroam?
  • What has been ISP’s response to the sudden shift to remote working and study?

These questions and more are answered in full.

The document will be updated as new queries arise, and if you have any immediate concerns about your own connection, please contact your account manager.

The full FAQ is available on the shaping the future of Janet Jisc Involve blog.

For more information on dealing with the impact of COVID-19 on your organisation, please see our dedicated coronavirus resource page.

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