April 13, 2024

Drag and Drop Activity Walk Through

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To get started, create a list of items you want to have the user drag into a location, and also the object(s) you want to have them drag to. In the example below I have created a list of account descriptions which I want the user to drag into the appropriate box to indicate it is either an asset or liability.

To insert the text boxes, click on the text drop-down on the ribbon and select text caption.

Type your description

To create an object, click on the Shapes menu and select the shape you want to create.

Now you have the slide set up, click on Interactions and drag down to drag and drop.The Drag and Drop Interaction Wizard will then open

Step 1

Create your types by clicking on the plus symbol shown below and typing in your new type description.

Holding Ctrl (Windows) or Cmd (Mac), click on all of one category and then select the corresponding type you just created.

Do the same for the next type and then click next.

Step 2

Specify the drop targets by clicking on the objects you created. Here I clicked on both rectangles. After doing so they should have a blue outline.

Click Next

Step 3

The sources or answer options will now have an arrow symbol inside of them. Grab one and drag it to the correct drop target.

After doing so, all source options previously categorized as that type will have an arrow pointing to the target you dragged to.

Match all options with corresponding targets the same way before clicking finish.

You will then see your drag and drop menu appear on the left of your screen as shown below.

Set your actions to how you want to set up your activity. Here I am giving infinite attempts and selected auto submit correct answers. Upon successful completion of the activity, I am it will continue to the next slide.

You can also choose to add undo and reset buttons if you wish to make these options available.

You will also see a text box appear in the center of the screen. There are actually two stacked on top of each other. One for success text and one for failure text. These will display upon either successful or unsuccessful completion of the activity.

To edit these text boxes, drag one above the other and change the type to whatever you want to display.

By clicking on the target objects you will also have the option to change the format of how the answers are positioned once a user drags them into a target object. I like to change the position from the default “Anchor” to absolute so they keep the same position as they are dropped in the targets.

Each target object must be formatted independently so click on one, change the format and then do the same for the other(s).

If you wish to include reporting capabilities and include the score of the activity in a quiz you can do this from the actions tab after click on the target objects.

When you are finished, preview your drag and drop activity from the preview menu at the top.

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