May 23, 2024

E-Learning about E_Learning


This site was developed on behalf of IABSE by Dr. Mourad Bakhoum and his staff at Arab Consulting Engineers (ACE), IABSE is grateful to this team for their efforts as well as to all those who have contributed materials for inclusion on the site.

The IABSE E-Learning platform offers a wide range of Lecture Series, including Web Casting of Lectures, Short Courses, Videos and Animations related to Structural Engineers.

IABSE’s E-Learning Programme is designed for:

  • graduate students to be confronted with themes not available at their universities
  • additional training of young engineers
  • lifelong education and training with the profession

To see the available List of Presentations click here

The E-Learning platform offers Keynotes and other Presentations from IABSE Conferences, Lectures given by leading Practitioners and Academics, Courses specially developed for E-Learning and other resources.

More Lectures and other Resources will be added. If you wish to be kept informed about new additions, please subscribe to IABSE Newsletter or if you would like to make a proposal for an addition or any other comment about this E-Learning platform, please contact the IABSE E-Learning Board under .

FREE e-Book: 200 Questions and Answers on Practical Civil Engineering Works
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Vincent T. H. Chu, a civil engineer based in Hong Kong, has published a freely accessible e-Book. It contains many useful questions that civil engineers may come across during their day-to-day work.