March 1, 2024

Education Technology Solutions Podcast Out Now!

Author: Education Technology Solutions
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The new Education Technology Solutions podcast brings you enlightening conversations with thought leaders across a wide variety of education related industries from around the world.

Why is it proving to be such a challenge to get girls involved in STEM subjects? In our first show, we talk to Emma Russo of South Hampstead High School in London, and Dr Ken Silburn from Australia, at the 2019 Global Education and Skills Forum to find out what can and is being done to help change the perceptions of Girls around STEM.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will present in-depth conversations around issues such as using social media to change cultural perception around issues in education, how to get governments to take education technology seriously and so on.

Simply click here to listen and subscribe to our podcast todays to ensure you don’t miss a single episode. Alternatively, you can subscribe through iTunes.

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