Eduonix – Learn App Development in Flutter from Ground Up [100% Off]

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Eduonix - Learn App Development in Flutter from Ground Up   
Eduonix – Learn App Development in Flutter from Ground Up

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  • Lectures 36
  • Length 6 hours
  • Skill Levels All Levels
  • Languages English

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Recently, Google launched an open source software development kit (SDK) called Flutter. Although, there are several mobile app SDK present out there, but Google Flutter comes up with lots of advantages. It is fast, free and friendly. Detail documentation is also available which is clean, clear and smooth. By using Flutter, a mobile app developer can develop an application for both the platforms i.e. Android and iPhone at the same time. Unlike many other SDK currently present, it comes up with a hot reload feature wherein, you can make changes while testing it in real time without restarting the application. Adding icing to the cake, Flutter comprises of its own collection of widgets and has a very strong community backing it too. Seeing its popularity, already lots of big names like Alibaba, CapitalOne and others are using it. Considering this, we bring a course completely focusing on the Flutter and Dart programming language which will help you with understanding all the concepts.
Why should I choose this course?
This flutter online tutorial is a complete course which makes Flutter simple and easy to use. The value of this course lies on the fact that it provides the complete description of not only Flutter but also the Dart; a programming language which supports Flutter. You will start with an introduction to the Dart programming language and then work your way up to the actual mobile app development using Flutter. This practical course offers multiple labs and real-world scenarios.
What makes this course so valuable?
This Flutter online course is a comprehensive guide for learning flutter without any difficulties. It unfolds with the basic introduction to mobile app development and dart programming language. Later, it explains the process of installation, different data types, variables, operators, functions and other key concepts. After explaining the foundation of Flutter i.e. Dart, it gives insights into Flutter, how it works and why you should use Flutter or its importance. A different framework like the stateless and stateful widget is elaborated well. All its widgets including text, container, row, column and scaffold are explained too. Working of Flutter layout and its type such as stack, expanded, SizedBox and SafeArea are also described. Apart from Flutter routing, it also tells you about Flutter HTTP. Lastly, a couple of exercises are also provided for better understanding.
This course includes-
1. Basic Introduction
2. Dart programming language, installation, data types, variables, operators, functions, lambda functions, classes, generics and packages
3. Introduction to Flutter, how it works and why to use Flutter
4. Overview of the framework including stateless and stateful widget
5. Different flutter widgets like text, container, row, column and scaffold
6. Various flutter layouts such as stack, expanded, SizedBox, SafeArea and its working
7. Flutter routing i.e. basic and named routing, and getting data from the routes
8. Flutter HTTP
9. Different exercises for a comprehensive learning
Sounds great, right? Then get started with this Flutter app development tutorial now to begin this exciting journey of developing apps from Flutter!


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Eduonix – Learn App Development in Flutter from Ground Up [100% Off]

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