eLBX Online Day 10 – Business Benefits of Using an LRS

Author: Stephanie Ivec
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Today we had the pleasure of hosting Rob Chadwick, Co-Founder of Veracity Technology Consultants for eLBX Online.

He started with a brief overview of xAPI—what it is and where it came from. As you may know, xAPI was created to address some of the issues of SCORM, mainly that it was a very rigid communication specification that could only capture a limited data set.

Rob talked a bit about how xAPI addresses that, other models of xAPI like CMI5, and then dove into some real-world use cases. He showed some great live examples of types of learner experiences you can capture with xAPI and then showed attendees how to interpret that data inside of a Learning Record Store (LRS).

Here at eLearning Brothers, we’ve partnered with the great team at Veracity to offer our users an UPGRADED free LRS account which includes more storage capacity than their standard free account. Visit our xAPI templates page and scroll to the bottom for the link to sign up for this special LRS deal.


That wraps up xAPI week! Gamification is next—are you ready?


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eLBX Online Day 10 – Business Benefits of Using an LRS

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