June 22, 2024

eLBX Online Day 15 – The ROI of Gamification

Author: Stephanie Ivec
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Today we were joined by the amazing Stephen Baer, Head of Creative at The Game Agency to talk about the return on investment (ROI) of gamification. Stephen is also a gaming columnist for Forbes and previously worked at Atari. He’s pretty much a gamification expert!

In today’s webinar, Stephen covered:


  1. Benefits of Gamified Training
  2. Gamification vs. Game-Based Training
  3. Different Types of Game-Based Training
  4. Delivering an ROI


What is the difference between gamification and game-based training?

Gamification Includes These:

  • Goals/Challenges
  • Progress
  • Points
  • Badges
  • Leaderboards
  • Rewards


Game-Based Training Is:

  • A controlled environment where learners test their knowledge and practice behaviors to achieve a specific goal.

Gamification and game-based training both serve to increase engagement, attained proficiency, post-training confidence, application of training, and retention of learning—all giving you a huge return on investment!

Hot tip:

Games can even help you develop soft skills! As Stephen mentioned, a well-designed game can include collaborating with other characters in the game.

Stephen shared a great example of a training game created by a company called Mursion.

Watch it here:


Missed this webinar? Don’t worry, we’ll be posting all the recordings by the end of today. The xAPI archive from last week is available now.


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