May 25, 2024

Embrace Humanness

Author: George Couros
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In my upcoming book, “Innovate Inside the Box“:

Our imperfections and failures are often what make us relatable to our students and the people with whom we work. As my good friend and brilliant educator Meghan Lawson says, “We don’t have to be perfect to make a difference. We need to care deeply about our impact on kids, care deeply about our words, and we need to embrace our humanness.”

When Meghan first shared this with me, it struck a cord.  The conversation we often hear with social media is how people often only share the “good,” and I think that can create unrealistic expectations for ourselves when we only see the
“highlight reel” of others.  But to me, what we share as individuals is up to us, and although I struggle (often), I am not in a space to share it with others on a larger platform.  What I can do though, is realize that no matter what another person shares, I can understand that we all have our struggles whether we make them visible or not. This TikTok video about what happens “off screen” was a powerful reminder of the difference between our perception versus someone else’s reality.

We all have struggles, whether visible or not.  To always err on the side of positive is a safe bet and as Meghan reminds us, it is about not only embracing our own “humanness” but learning to embrace the “humanness of others as well.   Perfection is impossible, but making a positive difference in the lives of others is always within reach.


Source: George Couros

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