June 21, 2024

Expert webinar How to manage video for eLearning. @iSpringPro ‏

Author: Juan José Calderón Amador
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Hoy traemos a este espacio, el recién publicado “Expert webinar How to manage video for eLearning” del youtube de  iSpring y que nos presentan así:

Publicado el 22 mar. 2019

iSpring Cam Pro: https://www.ispringsolutions.com/ispr… Video continues to have explosive growth as a delivery medium for knowledge transfer events. Organizations are incorporating video-based learning into the daily flow of work and establishing methods for delivery and tracking of video assets in their learning ecosystem. This session will explore these new workflows, as well as how video can become an integral part of your students’ learning journey. In this session, you’ll learn how to create a video action plan for your training organization. The video action plan establishes student touchpoints for video, channels for delivery, and the view analytics to be collected. You’ll also learn about video content management systems and their benefits. You’ll leave this session knowing the requirements for successful learner video content creation and maintenance. In this session, you will learn: – How to establish a video action plan for learning – Touchpoints of a video action plan – How to audit your video delivery channels – About actionable video analytics – The benefits of a video content management system (VCMS) Audience: Designers, developers, and managers. Technology discussed in this session: Video recording, video content management systems, metadata. About the speaker: Josh Cavalier has worked in the eLearning industry for more than 23 years. Focusing on the intersection of education and technology, Josh specializes in education media production, rapid eLearning tool implementation, and microvideo creation. He has appeared in People magazine describing his method of historical digital photography, and he holds a BFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

 Fuente: [ iSpring Youtube]