June 13, 2024

Facility Review: Tough Mudder Bootcamp Progress Ridge, Oregon

Author: Seth Buchwalter
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While uncertainty about Tough Mudder within the obstacle course industry continues to whirl, one thing is for certain, if you’re into the brand for its motivation and team-building reputation, the Tough Mudder Bootcamp franchises are highly recommended.

With a tagline of “Fitness Reimagined,” Tough Mudder legendary emcee and Tough Mudder Bootcamp Creative Director Eric “E-Rock” Botsford has developed a way of fitness that centers around teamwork and high-intensity training.

The best way to describe Tough Mudder Bootcamp is if CrossFit and Orange Theory had a fit little child. The programs take place in an orange-painted box, complete with orange turf, with teamwork and encouragement emphasized throughout the 45-minute workouts. It’s a tremendous way to get the heart pumping in a well-lit, positive space.

Workouts are completed in multiple rounds of various stations, surrounding the box. Each workout changes from full body and HIIT, to strength in upper or lower focuses. Normally, there are 8 or so stations, each with a different movement, where participants rotate every minute or two, depending on the WOD – Force, Core, Upper, Lower, Drive, and Momentum, all of which concentrate on specific Tough Mudder-functional movements.

All stations have the appropriate equipment necessary to complete the workout that is shown on a TV monitor; videos of E-Rock demonstrating the movements, himself. For those participants new to working out, it’s a fantastic way to make sure movements are completed correctly, and for those familiar with the proper mechanics, it’s simply a great way to remember which movement is supposed to be performed at the station. Teamwork is essential to the TM Bootcamp experience, as you work with partners to complete the WOD.

The gym itself is sparkling clean, with a welcoming staff. Owners Dean and Lindsay Durfee are two of the nicest people you could imagine, as they always have that Tough Mudder camaraderie spirit, from the second you walk into the studio, until you leave a sweaty mess. Trainers are enthusiastic, driven and ready to help anyone, whether you’re gearing up to tackle your next OCR, or haven’t ever set foot on course.

“Lindsay and I believe that anyone can improve their quality of life through fitness,” says Dean. “We wanted to offer a studio that embraces community, approachability, and inclusiveness and we wanted the culture of that studio to be true to the adventurous Pacific NW spirit. Tough Mudder Bootcamp offered a functional fitness program that is true to our vision. We are extremely happy to open our first location in Beaverton’s Progress Ridge and we are grateful for the warm welcome we have received.”

The Progress Ridge TMB is located in the suburbs of Portland, OR, in Beaverton – a prime location for an area that continues to grow. The facility is housed in a higher-end mall, with food, shopping and other wellness-focused shops for pre- and post-workout visits. From Portland, it’s about a 15-minute drive.


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