July 14, 2024

Forecast Your Teams Achievement of Skills

Author: ashwinijaisim
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As Admin, you have done the task of identifying Skill gaps and created enough training to address these. You have assigned Skills and training to various groups of employees, and they have enrolled/been enrolled in the required training. However, it turns out that employees are not completing assigned training or achieving the necessary Skills on time. How do you handle this scenario? You get every manager to track and forecast Skills achievement by their teams.

Use the Adobe Captivate Prime Manager Dashboard to do this. The Dashboard has two features that will assist you in driving Skills achievement for your teams. The one shows you the Skills status – how your team and individual members are doing in the achievement of Skills. The other uses an algorithm to forecast when your team will complete their trainings and achieve their assigned Skills. Of course, there are details that must be considered when forecasting. So, please do download the attached document to learn more. And please do leave feedback for us!

Forecast Skills Achievements with the Manager Dashboard – A Customer Guide

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