July 18, 2024

Foster the Four C’s of Learning in Professional Development with Technology

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Next-generation education emphasizes the “Four C’s of learning” — critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity — which have become cornerstone skills for learners of all ages. In K–12 schools, integrating technology into the curriculum can bring those skills to life and transform the way students learn.

“Technology is a real enabler and accelerator for the four C’s,” says Helen Soulé, executive director of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, in a Common Sense Education video. “Through the resources and the networks that are available through technology, students can really engage in real-life experiences through their learning.”

Teaching those skills with technology requires the active support and readiness of school leaders and teachers. One way of showing that is by integrating the Four C’s framework into professional development opportunities.

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Applying the Four C’s Can Boost Technology Professional Development

Getting effective training in educational technology is still a challenge for many teachers, according to a PwC report. In that report, 79 percent of 2,000 teachers surveyed said they wanted more professional development opportunities, and 81 percent said they needed more curriculum plans or course materials.

Yet PD sessions can’t just focus on showing educators how to use ed tech tools. These sessions should enable exploration so teachers can think of innovative ways to incorporate future-ready learning into their lesson plans.

Using technology to foster critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity in professional development is a great starting point. Here’s how.