March 1, 2024

Future Students – LSPR


Public Relations

This program prepares graduates in the techniques of effective public relations in a company, organization or society at large. The main objective of this course is to implant awareness of the importance of communication within a company or people so that graduates are able to create Public Relations strategies and action plans to raise the image of a company or organization.

Mass and Social Media Communication

This programme is available with the following sub concentrations:

•Broadcast Journalism

In this concentration, we build expertise in TV, Radio and Online Journalism, focusing on developing the skills of our students and increasing knowledge of Multiplatform Broadcast Journalism. Students will learn how to become an effective professionally qualified multi-platform journalist. They will also learn about the fascinating practice and theory of journalism. Video and photography will be integrated throughout the course, and taught alongside the traditional principles of journalism and its ethics. It is designed for students who want to study a fascinating subject area and graduate with industry recognized qualifications to give them the best chance of getting a job within the industry straightaway because of hands-on learning experiences acquired during the study of the course.

• Digital Film Making & Photography

Students will gain the right balance of business knowledge and media skills to establish careers in the media industry. Students will recieve hands-on learning in the production of TV shows, manage the on-campus LSPRTV and publish their own student magazine. Students will also get to work on exciting, high-profile industry projects with partners such as NYFA, Trans TV, CNN, CNBC and Bloomberg TV. They will work together with “New York Film Academy” which has over 25 years of experience in film and has built a reputation as one of the premier hands-on film and acting schools in the world. With NYFA’s innovative hands-on approach to teaching, students find themselves completely immersed in their course of study, surrounded by award-winning faculty and working with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. The project-based curriculum is designed to reflect a real-world environment while encouraging students to explore their own creativity and passions.

Marketing Communication

In this concentration, graduates are prepared to be able to create a marketing concept based on knowledge and understanding gained from various types of business. They’re also prepared to play an important role in the functions of marketing; analysis and market research, planning, coordination, price, promotion, advertisement and product distribution channels.

Digital Media Communication & Advertising

The graduates of this concentration are prepared to be able to apply advertising techniques including creative technique, understand the process of planning & implement visual communication, apply the usage of a computer for animation and understand basic entrepreneurial management in the digital creative industry. The graduates are equipped with knowledge of management procedures, planning and advertising campaigns, including advertisements in media, outdoor broadcast and commerce.

Performing Arts Communication

This programme prepares graduates to have special expertise in performing arts in order to add value and excellence to their communication skills to meet the needs of industry. Students will learn how to communicate through performing arts such as theatre productions, dance, music, opera and also through circus. They will work in creative fields, the offstage people who will be called the performers.

International Relations

This programme prepares communication experts to answer the challenges of rapid world growth, gain diplomatic knowledge, understand international business and also improve intercultural communication all of which are the main competencies for the graduates of this concentration.

Entrepreneurship Business Communication

Entrepreneurship in the creative industry has become a focus for the graduates of LSPR who put forward their young creative individuality to implement business innovations at a massive dynamic global level. Students are equipped with various skills and theories to be entrepreneurs and shape the creative soul to be able to breakthrough in the field of business.

Hospitality Communication Management & MICE

This concentration prepares graduates to be able to compete in the industry of hospitality, restaurant business, hospitals, cruise ships, etc. and also in other means of MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Conference and Exhibition) that are currently continuously growing. Students will be trained with skills for excellent event organizing and execution also to be ready to face the growth of hospitality in the ASEAN or global scale.

Strategic Public Relations – Corporate Communication

The Corporate Communication study concentration prepares students to become the leaders of the Public Relations industry. It provides students with a working knowledge on Principles of Corporate Communication, Issues Management and Corporate Social Responsibility. In this manner, students are equipped with the proper skills and attitude to enable effective image management of private and public institutions as well as individual personalities.

Strategic Public Relations – Corporate Communication

This course will provide students with knowledge and understanding of communication practices within governmental apparatus. It covers studies of bureaucratic structures, the formation and communication of government policies, governmental regulations, and government management systems. It also provides students with the necessary skills to plan and execute corporate communication strategies with reference to government structures and policies.

Marketing Communication

The Marketing Communication study concentration prepares students to excel in the promotion aspect of Marketing – enabling them to become leaders given the stiff competition in the era of globalization. It provides students with a well-rounded curriculum to cover Marketing Communication Research, Customer Behavior, Market Analysis and Branding. Through this approach, students become successful in communicating the attributes of products, services or ideas to targeted and segmented audiences.

International Communication for Business & Development

The International Communication for Business and Development study concentration prepares students to be international communication intellectuals and practitioners. Students will be equipped with theoretical knowledge and practical skills to deal with problems in the globalizations era. The course subjects include Globalization in Politics and Economy, International Media Studies, Cross – cultural Communication, and Mediation and Advocacy in International Communication.

LSPR e-Learning Program is a long distance education for Strata 1 (S1) prepared by LSPR-Jakarta especially for students who are outside JABODETABEK, who have a busy & high mobility can follow this international standard e-learning program to obtain a degree in communication science with a more flexible time and place of learning. The purpose of this e-learning program is to create graduates who become professionals in the field of communication and can compete in the world of international work.

E-learning programs include various programs such as online degrees, online training, and online certifications. In e-learning programs, students are separated from the educators and the learning process is delivered through information technology. In the implementation, well planned e-learning program apply various technologies and new teaching methods to ensure that the quality of the experience and the learning outcomes are equal, or even exceed, the experience and the learning outcomes of conventional or face-to- face program. The various technologies or the new teaching methods are as follows: learning analytics, game – based learning, personalized learning environments, and mobile learning.