July 18, 2024

Gear Review: Rapid Reboot System

Author: Evan Perperis
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2017 Master of the Rig World Champion Jay Flores using Rapid Reboot to keep his legs fresh.

I usually try to keep a little mystery as to how I rate a product until the end of a review, but not this time. I’ve used a lot of recovery products over the last couple of years. Sometimes at home, sometimes at recovery clinics, however hands down the best recovery product I’ve used is Rapid Reboot system.

Ease of Use:

The Rapid Reboot system is simple to use. I can be in the pants and relaxing in under a minute, something that is not possible with other recovery modalities. They are so relaxing, I can even take a nap while recovering, and are simple enough to use you can operate them without any instructions.

Rapid Reboot user friendly control panel.


You’ll love them. Seriously. Sitting in the compression pants for 30 min after a long run or race is simply bliss. You can fall asleep and still get the cool down your body needs. It is hard to quantify in numbers how much better I feel after getting out of the boots but I know I’m fresher and better recovered ready to tackle the next day. I used them every night for my recent OCR America 2: When Hell Freezes Over, where I ran a total of 200 OCR miles and completed 1000+ obstacles over eight days.


The compression system comes with two settings. Setting “A” is for enhancing blood circulation as each section inflates and deflates separately as it goes through the cycle. Section “B” is the best for recovery because it flushes lactic acid and toxins out of the system. Each section will inflate and stay inflated as it progresses through the cycle, pushing the undesired liquids to the extremities of the body. Each setting can go for 10-30 minutes, which seems to go by way too fast because this is the most enjoyable way to relax after a strenuous training session.


The only downside for Rapid Reboot is the price, at $995 it is not cheap. However, I’ve seen some of you Mud Run Guide followers getting season passes and then traveling all over the country running two or three races in a weekend. If you’re that type of person I would pick up a pair of these boots. You won’t regret it and your legs will feel better the next morning of your back to back races…or if you’re coming to OCR World Championships back to back to back to

The 12xChampion of Conquer The Gauntlet Randi Lackey speeding her recovery with Rapid Reboot.back to back races (3k, 15k, 100m, Team Relay, Charity).



If you are serious about your performance and recovery then Rapid Reboot is for you. If you are racing multiple times in a weekend then Rapid Reboot is for you. If you own a gym, training center or help run a fitness group, then Rapid Reboot is for your members. While making the commitment to purchase compression pants was one of the most monetarily costly decisions I have made regarding racing, it is also one of the ones that has given me the most in return. If you are looking to break through old plateaus, head over to Rapid Reboot and start recovering faster.


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