December 4, 2023

GeoGebra software in teaching and learning geometry of 3-dimension to improve students’ performance and attitude of secondary school teachers and students



It has been discovered that incorporating technology into geometry instruction improves students’ abilities and attitudes. GeoGebra Software is effective at motivating teachers to use technology as a supplement to enhance students’ mathematical learning potential. The current study sought to ascertain the effects of GeoGebra software on secondary school students’ performance as well as teachers’ and students’ attitudes toward 3-dimensional geometry. A sample of 84 Senior Five students in upper secondary school from Kicukiro and Musanze District was chosen purposively. The selected sample was divided into two groups for the quasi-experimental design, with the control group having 44 students and the experimental group having 40 students. Additionally, two teachers were chosen to involve in the study. Students in the experimental group used GeoGebra software to study 3D geometry, whereas students in the control group received traditional geometry instruction. The data was collected quantitatively, with both groups taking pre-and post-tests. The obtained data were analyzed using SPSS v.25. The results revealed a statistically significant difference in students’ performance between the groups in favour of the experimental group. Furthermore, both teachers’ and students’ attitudes were improved. These findings support GeoGebra’s efficacy in increasing student achievement as well as teachers’ and students’ attitudes toward 3-D geometry. However, there was no statistically significant difference in attitudes between male and female students, according to the study. Therefore, we advise adding GeoGebra to mathematics curricula across all grade levels in Rwanda, with a focus on geometry.

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