May 24, 2024

Get Started With Vue.js

Author: Jeremy McPeak
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Vue.js is an extremely fast and approachable JavaScript framework. With it, you can build reactive and engaging user interfaces.

Join Jeremy McPeak in this course, as he teaches you everything you need to get started with Vue.js. You’ll start with the basics of how to get started coding a Vue app with just a single JavaScript file. From there, you’ll learn how to get started with the Vue CLI and develop a complete app using modern JavaScript techniques and single-file components.

You’ll go on to learn how to use most of Vue’s directives, such as v-bind, v-for, v-if, v-show, and v-on. You’ll also learn how to write and use computed properties, bind style to your component’s properties, watch for changing values, and define methods within your component. You’ll even learn a little bit about Vue Router and how to define routes and navigate to them.

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